Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Long Pose at CDA with Johnathan

So I ASSUMED the 3 hour long pose at CDA every wednesday night would be nude, and then made an ASS out of U and ME when it was actually the wonderfully hilarious Johnathan in full steam punk regalia.


Well here is what I did with compressed charcoal. Kevin came by and we had a conversation about grouping the lights and darks, a concept I'm familiar with in other people's work, but have yet to replicate in my own work. He mentioned doing composition studies in 0 , 30 , 70, 100% values would be helpful to learn grouping of values, so that is what I'm going to do.

Technically, in a 3 hour long pose, you have 6 sets. My good friend Krystal mentioned its a good idea to spend the first set on a test run, or plan drawing. Kevin mentions this as well. He says to create a thumbnail image to plan out the values and make sure they read even from a tiny size. Krystal also mentioned another juicy tidbit, which is to leave the last set for background and finessing. So technically you only have 4 sets to get to the meat of the drawing. Good to know.

Things to work on : thumbnails, grouping values, time management, depicting people with glasses on (ouch!)


  1. This is so dark and mysterious...Awesome steampunk outfit!

  2. Stef, not sure what you were worried about but I like this a lot! I would also be interested to see this on toned paper, so that you could put in the shadows and put in the highlights and not have to worry about putting a tone on everything...could be pretty relieving because depending on the size of your pad, 3 hours in charcoal is NOT a lot and pretty stressful :)

  3. Yuji, thats pretty typical of the art models here. They are so professional and impressive its amazing! Glad you like it!

    Krystal , toned paper would have been a brilliant idea. I'll have to make that happen for the next long pose!

  4. Also Satoshi was kind enough to give us his contact info ( I have to remember to get that from Sxyvaan) so that we can text him and find out ahead of time if the pose is nude or not. He said that workshop generally caters towards the painting class, light and color, so its sometimes costumed and sometimes nude.