Monday, December 22, 2014

More Dev Sketches

So I've been writing an animated crime drama. Think gritty, warner direct to video stuff...Below are some images from my story, which is still in the writing phase in final draft. Its coming along though, and each new draft seems to get bolder and clearer. I'm happy that its starting to take shape, and I think that 2014 is the closest I've ever come to making something like this. I know that sounds super vague but since I'm relatively new to writing, I am taking my time and making sure the story is as tight as possible before I board it out. Or in this case, the format will be a black and white comic.
 I've also been doing a ton of research on crime dramas and thrillers. Last night I watched Collateral, and I also recently saw a film called Nightcrawler which had a huge impact on me. It was sort of like Collateral meets Taxi Driver. Anyway all of these films are being used as inspiration for the story I'm looking to tell. If you have a favorite gritty crime drama or thriller , please share!

Friday, December 5, 2014


Remind me never to work on paper again. Well without further ado I present you Ratty McGee in its entirety. The class seemed to like it, but as Karl pointed out the story has structure problems, and I kind of knew that but decided to steam roll ahead anyhow. I think I can fix it for next class.

With Ratty McGee I wanted the dramatic premise of the story to be something like "Its ok to be weird." Or "Don't try to change your personality to suit other people" or even, "stay true to yourself and you'll find happiness." Harold is your typical underdog hero and outcast of the third grade. He befriends a rat that he found in his deceased grandfather's nappy cardigan. Harold goes around with Ratty in his pocket talking to him and feeding him bits of cheese, which is why we have the mean girl character making fun of Harold in the beginning. So even though Ratty is Harold's only friend, he sort of gets him into trouble with society, and creates problems for Harold. But because Harold is a true friend, he sticks up for Ratty even in the most hairy of situations, IE the Principal being a dick and the inspector walking around. I suspect that what I need is to weave the Charlotte character into the second act a bit better so that it pays off more at the end. I'll be working on it this weekend.