Saturday, May 30, 2015

Pretty sure this is what a vacuum leak looks like in your engine...

Short term fuel trim spikes up after a rev. Need to fix this sh*t asap because its getting worse and throwing all kinds of weird codes like P0110 Intake air temp. If anyone is curious about fuel trims and wants to learn more, then check out this awesome video I found on youtube -HERE

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fuel Trims

Ok so we are using this program called Scan XL Pro to try to diagnose what I *think* may be a vacuum leak in our 1998 SLK230 4 banger. I am only *guessing* that it's a vacuum leak because it seems to be sapping our fuel economy and causing a rough idle. From looking at these graphs, you can see that our LTFT (long term fuel trim) starts out at 29% and eventually climbs to 31% which is awfully high. This means the fuel trim is trying to compensate for a lean condition in the engine. Anyhow here are the graphs-

This one is just us sitting in the parking lot revving the engine...

Things start to get a bit complicated when we take it for a spin on the freeway...

Judging from the way the MAP (manifold absolute pressure) is all over the place I want to say that its either something wrong with the MAP sensor, which is causing the fuel trim to tweak out, or a leak in the intake manifold gasket. What do you think???

OK one more graph, this one depicting the TPS (throttle position sensor)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Better Half

Yuji. Isn't it funny how a sometimes a preliminary sketch will have more character than the actual final drawing?

Sunday, May 17, 2015

New Camshaft Position Sensor

Its a small item but it was turning on the check engine light repeatedly-- trouble code P0341 - camshaft position sensor A performance bank 1.
So I ordered it on Amazon for $30 (I know ouch) and installed the new one today. Cleared all trouble codes and will be watching the car very closely to see if the check engine light comes back on. Here is a pic, you can see the old sensor on top of the engine cover.

While I was doing that I also discovered a cracked emissions hose. I don't know if it was already cracked or I did it while I was installing the sensor. But anyway, this hose was as dry and brittle as a piece of uncooked spaghetti! But the car is 17 years old so I guess no surprises there. Anyway we went ahead and replaced that as well, so perhaps that will take care of one of the other trouble codes we saw today, which was P0105 - manifold absolute pressure/ barometric pressure circuit. 

Did the repairs then took it out for a spin around the block and everything seems fine, no check engine light. Fingers crossed that fixes it. Also, Yuji was pretty happy with my repair skills and made me this certificate of awesomeness. Thanks dear!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Pulp Mock-Up Cover

Sketched this out last night in Karl's class. Then scanned it today and tried to get that pulpy look to it. I think its getting there but still needs a few other elements, like, I dunno..say a background! (What a novel idea!)

Also speaking of classic pulp illustrations, RIP Glenn Orbik, who passed away this past week from cancer. Glenn was a wonderful Pulp comic book and book cover illustrator right here in CA. I had the privilege of taking his class once and found him to be not only an awesome teacher, but also a wonderful human being. He inspired a whole new generation of artists by giving back with his teaching and his work, and his legacy will live on in all of us. He's in Pulp heaven now.

Stacey on the Last Class

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Playing with Airbags!

This was funny! Francisco, the guy setting off the airbag thought it wasn't working, so no one was prepared when it suddenly went off, LOL! Total looney toons moment. And for the record, yes that is me laughing like a hyena in the beginning...

Exploring Sly's Backstory

Sly aka Silvio Benedetti, grew up in a small town in Colorado raised by single father and Italian immigrant Marco Benedetti. They have family in NY but Marco wants nothing to do with them. Marco works 2 jobs to provide for himself and his son. Marco is also a notorious drinker and womanizer, so much of his time is spent outside the house chasing women.  As a result, Sly is left to his own devices most nights and weekends and grows up a latchkey kid and major misfit.

At school Sly is bullied relentlessly for having a weird name and being bi-racial. One day after a particularly brutal thrashing, he wakes up inside a strange garage. As it turns out, Mitstuki, a local mechanic and shop owner takes pity on Sly, bringing him in from the freezing cold. Soon an unlikely friendship develops between the two. Sly becomes her protege and apprentice learning all there is to know about cars and motorcycles from her.

While Marco is distracted with his lady friends, Sly and Mitsuki spend their evenings and weekends building and racing bikes. When Mitsuki and Sly win a major motocross race, Marco sees their picture in a local paper and freaks out. He gives Sly the beating of his life and forbids his son to see Mitsuki again. But Marco can't control Sly, and before long he's back at the shop with Mitsuki tinkering.

Things get complicated when Sly hits adolescence and starts to develop feelings for Mitsuki. Sly tries to make a pass at Mitsuki but she shuts him down and promptly disowns him. Later that night Sly comes home to find his father rummaging through his room. He destroys everything related to Mitsuki's shop and completely wrecks his bike tossing it into the river.

Sly goes crying to Mitsuki and she reluctantly takes Sly back. Sly misinterprets Mitsuki's sympathy as a green light and takes advantage of her. Mitsuki, guilt ridden and confused, fails to stop him. But when Mitsuki starts to date a man her age, Sly gets jealous and begins spying on them. One night, Sly comes up with a plan to get rid of Mitsuki's suitor. He sabotages his bike, but the plan backfires when Mitsuki takes the bike instead.  Mitsuki loses control of the bike and crashes, suffering a coma and massive brain damage.

After the accident, Sly spends months locked up in his room. Out of concern, Marco accompanies Sly to the hospital to see Mitsuki. When they get to the door of her room, Sly excuses himself to go to the bathroom. Inside the bathroom, Sly hears a train whistle. Unable to deal with his feelings, Sly slips out the window and climbs aboard a massive lumbering freight train. Sly wakes up in NYC several days later frightened and alone.

At the outset of our story, Sly is 36 and it has been 20 years since he has spoken to anyone in his family. A hollowed out shell of a human being, and slave to his many vices, Sly is just barely hanging on to his post as a smog check technician. Sly used to work for Santino's auto repair shop as a mechanic but lost his job when one of their customers suffered a serious accident as a result of Sly's negligence and drinking on the job. To finance his many habits, Sly goes around at night stealing cat converters off of trucks and selling them to local shops.


Sunday, May 3, 2015

More Story Moments from Invincible Summer

Drew these at work on Tue but didn't get around to coloring them until today. I'm getting more comfortable with pen and ink. Seriously need to tie down the story asap though. Enjoy.

Daredevil aka Anca doing a christ on her bike


Stealin cats.

Voyeur reaction shot

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Just in Case Y'all Thought I was a Poseur

Yup, there's me working on my own car. Today we are replacing the fuel filter. There was some confusion on which part to order so we jacked up the car, took the wheel off and climbed under there. At first I was kinda nervous that the car would fall on my head but that wore off after a while, especially since we had 2 jacks and a tire supporting it. So yeah. Fun times!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Sara Killin It As Usual

If you scroll through these images really quickly it actually looks like she's dancing. Pretty cool!