Friday, May 15, 2015

Pulp Mock-Up Cover

Sketched this out last night in Karl's class. Then scanned it today and tried to get that pulpy look to it. I think its getting there but still needs a few other elements, like, I dunno..say a background! (What a novel idea!)

Also speaking of classic pulp illustrations, RIP Glenn Orbik, who passed away this past week from cancer. Glenn was a wonderful Pulp comic book and book cover illustrator right here in CA. I had the privilege of taking his class once and found him to be not only an awesome teacher, but also a wonderful human being. He inspired a whole new generation of artists by giving back with his teaching and his work, and his legacy will live on in all of us. He's in Pulp heaven now.


  1. wow Holy crap. He passed away!? Glenn is the $h!t; he was always so nice to me, too, at 3Kicks when I saw him, with his cool pony tail. Man, he will be missed! I'm so honoured to have met him; he really epitomizes great artist. I'm sure April knows, too (I hope); she spent a lot of time learning from him, also (I asked her who she thought were some of her best teachers).

  2. TOTES! You literally google Glen Orbik and a bunch of badass pulp covers will pop up. He freaking wrote the book on pulp covers. So yea we lost a legend this week. My only hope is that I can channel some of the cool stuff he did into my own work. I really enjoy the limited color palates and graphic styles they used in the 50s, the heydey of that stuff.