Sunday, October 13, 2013

A very modest start

Bear with me as I cautiously venture outside of my comfort zone. As part of my efforts to begin working in color, here is a quick still life I did using this cheapo watercolor set I bought at dick blick (pictured below). I like watercolor and gouache because the cleanup is a snap, and theres no toxins to inhale, but just doing this little guy made me realize I'm a bit short on resources. For one thing- I could use an actual palette (instead of just using the  back of the plastic case, lol), and of course, I could always use more brushes. Also, I think having an opaque water color set in a plastic dried out pan like this sort of defeats the purpose of opaque watercolor, because you have to moisten the color in order to get it to go on your brush. However, the water sort of cuts the saturation, so it can be a bit of an uphill battle to get really bright, saturated colors. It made we want to pick up a real set of gouache tubes in the future. All in all, I really like the end result of gouache. You can get really bright saturated images that are very quick and inexpensive to make. That and it reminds me of some of the classic disney animation backgrounds painted in the old days before computers and photoshop.