Monday, May 5, 2014

Peace Hero Act 1 Storyboards


This story has kind of evolved from something a little too preachy and serious, to something a bit lighter and sillier. We meet Rocco shortly after the death of his father Giuseppe. Knowing that Rocco is a very combative and violent youth, the Peace Hero sets out a scheme to prevent Rocky from throwing his life away and going to prison for shooting his father's killer. Travis, and Karl,  two family friends, are enlisted to kidnap Rocky and terrorize him in a neighbor's basement for 3 days until he is scared shitless, and never wants to look at a gun or gangbanger movie ever again. Act 1 works to establish Rocky as a snotty little Tony Montana wannabee who desperately wants to off his Dad's killer. The story will be set up so that the audience knows more than Rocky, so its funny to watch him sweat in these completely doctored situations. Only at the end do we find out that the real Peace Hero is Rocky's Mom, and that she has cleverly engineered this entire plot to teach her son a valuable lesson: one senseless act of violence does not justify another.