Monday, September 15, 2014

Winter drifter / summer soldier

Working on a series. Ok so I haven't worked out the title of it completely yet, but its something like that. These are my two main characters (can you guess who is who?). Working on model sheets, and episode treatments(!). Right now the entire series is plotted out on cue cards on my living-room wall. I probably look like such a looney scrawling out all these cards and taping them to the wall, then re-arranging them endlessly, bud I don't care because its fun.


  1. this is cool. Would like to see an inspiration page for each character; like who you pulled from in terms of references. I know Trans guys or ID guys, for projects, will have a page, before their idea, of showing who a car or product is for (eg. age, what the person does for a living, single, upper class/middle class, where they vacation, what they do for fun).
    It's funny, you'll see "Alfie, aged 45, likes to play golf in his spare time and heads a multi-national company that makes computer chips used to motion control planes" or something like that, which helps to organize in your head the style of each person, what the bike/ car he drives looks like, where he lives, etc. It's like building a mini-portrait. You can even build the town, so you have a clear idea of the path the character takes (where is the shop compared to where they live, and the direction they go, etc).

  2. Its so true! There are so many things to think about , and I think the folks who take the time to map out the backstory and habits of the character might have an easier time figuring out how the character would react in certain situations when they begin to write. In a way it kind of reminds me of the world building that Alex McDowell talked about at the master class, thats was so much fun thank you again for letting me tag along! Hope you're having a boba filled weekend!