Saturday, November 15, 2014

Welp, that's Fair...

The people in my class always seem to ask really interesting questions. Someone brought up sculpting and we had a rather interesting & lengthy discussion. In the end, I believe drawing informs sculpting , and sculpting informs drawing. Someone else mentioned they were on their way to Italy in a few weeks, and Karl happily rattled off a serious list of all the piazzas, museums and sculptures worth seeing. That should be the test for your teachers. To hold the bar very, VERY high. If they cant rattle off a list of all the art worth seeing in Italy, then you're off to a dubious start...

In other news, Sue informed us that there were a group of people (men predominantly ) who would walk around at burning man with a shirt on but no pants. Apparently these people were scorned even in the independently thinking, free spirited, bohemian environment of burning man. Their name, you ask? Shirt-cocks. Yup. That is a thing...Thanks Sue!

In still other news, remind me to sign up for sculpting next term. Its time. Seriously...Oh and the third drawing down made Karl stop and say "Hunh! (long pause) fair enough!" and walk away. *happydance*


  1. Haha. As Karl would say "Hunh"! LOL. I guess that's a new phrase for "great job!" I want a t-shirt that says that...seriously!
    If you want to know I can direct you in the path of sculptiness. It's true; people's drawings CHANGE when they sculpt and it's the strangest, most magical thing..mwahaha (insert evil laugh!)

  2. It was like I stumped him! It was glorious LOL because I've never gotten that reaction from him (or anyone really) lol!

    And K of course you are my go to gal for "sculptiness" LOL!