Saturday, October 10, 2015

Forest Service Cartoon

Hello folks, all is quiet here as I pull together this comic book for the US Forest Service in Alaska. Its a comic book version of a skit called "The Impact Monster" that the Forest Service Rangers like to perform to the 3rd graders every earth day. It's supposed to teach kids good camping habits vs. bad camping habits. The comic book is 14 pages and so far I've inked 2. Got my work cut out for me definitely which is why I had to skip AAI this term , although I miss it. If I do one page a day I will have it done in 12 days, which is the goal. Then I need to send it up to Alaska and see what kind of comments I get back. I think the rest of the 12 pages will go quickly because they're in black and white. The cover took more time because its color and I had to design the logo.

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