Saturday, November 21, 2015

Updated IS Cover for CTN

Things are moving forward, albeit slowly, and I've been getting a lot of great feedback lately for IS! This is an updated cover for an episode that is completely written called "Right Round" where my two main characters get into a CRAZY wreck on account of *someone's* ego. Gee, I wonder who?

Mock up posted below..Yuji gets credit for the idea! Yuji was looking at the original cover and said "He should be walking away from a wreck!" YEAH!!

The original (BORING-ass) cover. A big thank you to Jules who pointed out how sucky my logo design was, in addition to telling me how pretentious my title is. LOVE YOU JULES! How lucky I am to have made a friend who isn't afraid to share her honest opinion with me. I know that will prove invaluable later when it comes time to edit the story.

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