Saturday, April 2, 2016

Designing a Look for the Webcomic

Drawing on influences like Shohei Harumoto, (pictured below) a manga artist who has a popular motorcycle drama in Japan called "Kirin", I'm searching for the right look for my web comic. It has to be both efficient - not take too much time to produce, but still evoke a very particular "noir" mood. However, I also want to stay away from just plain black and white, since that seems to be a turn off for American audiences, which is primarily who this GN is targeted at. That being said, I think limited color might be a cool compromise between the two.
Below are two images I created with the look in mind, using screens and colors, but I think I got carried away with the detail, which is so easy to do, and now I need to create a pared down "production" version.

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