Saturday, August 17, 2013

This weeks pick of figure drawings...

Something I wondered as I was looking around the workshop: why is human anatomy so divorced from figure drawing? Is it that instructors think its too overwhelming to learn all these things at once?

I received some great feedback from David who runs the workshop. He had to repeat himself no less than 79 times but I think its finally sinking in. Basically I am making my construction lines too dark and then when I go to put in my actual lines its already too dark and so I end up with this outline cartoony looking thing, which can sometimes be charming but is mostly accidental in this case. What I need to do is keep my lay in as light as possible so that I can delineate my final lines from my construction lines. You can sort of see the really dark harsh lines on the first few poses, and then the lighter touch on the last two poses, which were done after he brought this little tidbit up to me for the umpteenth time.

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