Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More Figures to keep me going

 Well I should have taken Drawing with Light and Tone so I could get the longer poses in there, (the results would be a lot prettier) but it conflicted with another class I'm taking so this one will just have to do. And besides, what if its really just the same class only with more time, longer poses? What if I could get the shading in there with less time by just being proficient. Its really about keeping my drawing muscles warmed up so that they don't atrophy while I write the script. I would hate to finish the script for the comic book and realize I've forgotten how to draw, (or never knew how in the first place lol) and have what should be a really serious gritty crime drama end up being funny because the drawings are wack. Hence my tireless figure drawing.

Oh and Karl says the whole point is to get good enough that you can draw from your head so um...F*ck yea! Bring on the damn comics.

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  1. The second one makes me think of a guy playing golf. That would be funny if there were nude golf :)