Monday, March 23, 2015


Mark is an elderly model who is super lean and thus kind of a challenge to draw. I noticed a lot of people packing up and leaving early when he showed up about an hour into the class. I guess folks don't like a challenge? Which I can understand if you're there as just a hobby or way to unwind. Drawing Mark is def very technical and again kind of a challenge. No pretty flowing lines or forms to depict. But I suppose if one wants to get better they have to draw all kinds of things, not just what they feel like drawing. Def not a softball night...

I also found out tonight that I am the worst model. Mark was late so Karl asked a few of us in the class to pose as head models. I practically fell asleep under the stage lighting during my time up there thus pissing everyone off and somewhat making an arse out of myself. Note to self never volunteer for something like that again, LOL.


  1. Wow. What a bunch of wussies. Seriously, they don't want to draw Mark Snyder? LOL. I LOVED drawing him; he has a great rib cage and you can see EVERYTHING on him and it reinforces your knowledge. He's also great for head drawing and sculpting; you can see great structure on his face. I used to be pissed when I saw Ludmilla, because she's super round and voluptuous (and talks and eats a lot throughout her session..and moves/shifts, which you get used to after a while but is annoying at first), and loving when I saw Faye, who is a doll and very mature and womanly.
    Haha we had to do head modelling too; one of the models asked me if I wanted to model for $$; it pays something like $75 an hour or something. Don't give up just because of the first time :) Heck, if it were convenient I'd do it. All you have to really do is pick a point in the room and focus (which is what we were taught in theatre on stage, also, when you are acting; pick a place or person in the room and focus on it, so your eyes don't go wandering all over).

  2. Mark is cool and I feel the class can get too cozy so he's good for a challenge. I also loved Faye the one time I had her. She's really gorgeous and to me embodies the spirit of the dignified attractive older woman.

    Dang 75/hour?!? What am I doing drawing boards?!