Friday, August 28, 2015

Euro Spec

Your car says a lot about you, so I thought I should design the story behind Sly's car -

When he first hit NY he was working as a performance specialist at Santino's garage making SERIOUS BANK. In a shallow attempt to fill the void left behind by his family, Sly imported a BMW M3 direct from the factory in Bavaria. Its a showboat of a car, however over the years as Sly entered a downward spiral of boozing and using it began to take its toll on everything, including his economic situation. So the car goes from being this object of status and pride to being an absolute disgrace to behold because he's run out of money to  maintain it. So the door panels are all different colors from drunken fender benders that forced him to replace various parts with panels from different cars at the wrecking yard. There's also rust on the fenders, and the bumper is held on to the body by zip ties.

Below is a picture of what it looked like when it rolled off the factory floor in 1990. I need to follow up with the sad neglected 2015 version but shit has been cray lately. Got booked on an animated film (yay!) which is adorable, and working with my friend Rafaello who is the director. And just finished up a walking dead commercial which I probably cant post yet because it hasn't aired. All in all work has been good to me lately.

 In other news, I finally pulled the trigger on the Cintiq Companion. Best money I ever spent. Seriously Wacom, well done.

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