Monday, August 3, 2015

Voices of the Wilderness

Hey friends,
This year I was chosen to participate in a visiting artist program called Voices of the Wilderness in Petersburg, a tiny island in Southeast Alaska. I spent the past 2 weeks traveling through the Alaskan wilderness with 3 US Forest Service Rangers. We took a float plane packed with food, gear and foldable kayaks into the Tebenkof Bay wilderness area in Southeast Alaska and paddled around for 9 days mostly camping on Kuiu Island. We met many animals, including whales, bears, sea lions, seals, sea otters, minks, all kinds of birds, and saw signs of wolves. Below are a few sketches I made while we were out there. I wish I had more time to draw but the trip itself was pretty physically demanding, at least for me. I tried to do my best. Lastly, in exchange for the free tour of the wilderness they have commissioned a comic from me to educate kids about Leave No Trace camping, where you take very specific steps not to harm the environment while you are visiting the wilderness.

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