Thursday, October 30, 2014

At what point in your career...?

It was mostly a feety day, but we did get some heads in there. I noticed that drawing feet doesnt seem to hold my attention that much. No surprises there...but still, I kept drawing. I mean, its not like I've mastered this stuff. And not everything you get asked to draw is that cool/entertaining/appealing...

Anyhow, I must not be the only one bored by feet, because in the middle of when the model was posing, amidst the dead silence, someone raised their hand and asked  "Karl, at what point in your career did you feel like you could say no to projects?" Karl told her to keep drawing and that this was a talk for later. LOL. but  People were laughing, and Sue, our resident witty comic and coffee provider blurted out, "After you learn to draw feet.."

What an funny question. Anyone want to chime in, or take a stab at it? I know how I feel but its more fun to hear other people's opinions.


  1. Sue is hilarious! I remember one time Karl went up to every person and told them something. That was what they were to work on for the night. Afterwards, he went to the front of class and said "everyone remember what I Told them to work on tonight?" and she said "you said my feet look like flippers!" and we burst out laughing in class.
    I dunno; sounds like a personal question. Different people have different times, etc. Everyone moves at their own pace. You exercise good judgment accordingly, I guess. Other times, it's economics. And not just money; the economics of time. At some point you realize you only have so much and the money or the prestige of a project doesn't matter as much as your time (esp with kids, a wife/husband, etc). I enjoy the getting older part of life because it minimizes the stupid stuff you thought you needed earlier on in your life, and you focus on the important things (like your health and your relationships).

  2. It's an interesting question right?? I feel like the answer will be different for everyone! I try not to say no to any projects that come my way because I've only just begun my career. But I imagine one can be a bit more selective and time wears on and you have more offers than you can possibly take on. And yes , I agree, as you get older there's less time for fluff and you realize your health and relationships are more important than money.