Tuesday, October 7, 2014


After 3 months of being stuck on the command shell screen, I finally fixed BEAST! Aka Moro, my desktop computer with the tricked out hardware. Just testing out how everything is running in PS, I had been having some problems with brush lag in PS, but it seems to be related to how hot it is in my apartment....as long as it doesn't hit 100 again outside I think we're ok...


  1. does this count as part of Inkt0ber, which everyone seems to be doing randomly at the same time? You didn't tell me that your computer was an Alaskan Husky (not made for this weather)!

  2. Hahah Inktober sounds awesome, glad I was able to telepathically participate! And yes, beast was built in NJ and sadly not made for this crazy californnia weather...