Friday, April 24, 2015


Well Karl was able to provide some pretty cool insight tonight about drawing from you head. Of course doing a ton of drawing from life will inform the things you draw from your head. That is a given. But he also said creating figures from your head will help you to understand what you don't know, which you can then bring to class and focus on. For me, I often struggle with the hips and the weight distribution in the legs. He said for that it helps to have a full  length mirror where you can assume the pose you are trying to draw, and really feel it when you are drawing it.

So off to buy a cheapo mirror this weekend. And in other news I've decided to start boycotting Blick. I think I can get my supplies cheaper elsewhere so why waste my hard earned dough. Plus I've enough paper stockpiled to last me a VERY long time so it doesn't make sense to buy expensive paper. I also think not having the dough to spend on what you would normally fall back on can jolt you out of your normal routine and force you to think how you can get the same or better results with less. Its a welcome challenge.


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