Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Junked Chevy S10

Here's the crew pulling an engine/trans out of a junked Chevy S10. The frame was bent so we are parting it out. Engine, tranny, tires, exhaust etc. The parts of a car by themselves are always worth more than the whole. Interesting right?

Below is Jose's crank shaft on the Buick Riviera. He was having problems with coolant leaking into his cylinders. We pulled apart his engine, removed the supercharger, cleaned out the intake manifold and applied a fresh gasket. Had some more problems so then took it apart again, and finally, started it back up again on Monday. It ran but the oil turned white (strange) so he put it on the lift and took down the oil pan to clean out any excess water that may have been left in the crank case/oil pan from the leak. Below you can see the crankshaft, cank case and the oil pump.

Fun times!

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